Family Name: Wendling First Name: Jurg
Representing: SWITZERLAND
Position/Title: Medical Practice, Consultant in Hospital Centre of Biel, Switzerland
Company: MD, MSc, Hand Surgery FMH, Diving Medicine SUHMS
Address: Seevorstadt 67, 2502 Biel, Switzerland
Phone No: +41 32 322 38 76 Fax No: +41 32 322 38 39
Mobile No: +41 76 382 38 76  
E-mail address:  
Employer Website:    
Memberships: 1985-present Member of Swiss Underwater and Hyperbaric Medical Society, 8 years executive  committee, scientific committee, actually education committee
  1984-present Member of European Underwater and Baromedical Society EUBS
  1985-present Member of Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine Society UHMS, USA
  1989-present Executive and founding member of European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine ECHM
  1994-present Member of European Diving Technology Committee EDTC, since 1997 Chairman med. subcommitee
  1991-present Founding Member of Divers Alert Network Europe, Director DAN Europe Suisse
  2005-present EDTC representative in Diving Medical Advisory Committee DMAC
Work History: 1972-79 parttime work as marine biology fellow University of Basel. Medical school, then specialty trianing in surgery and hand surgery, including 1982-87 head of hyperbaric therapy unit at University of Basel. 1986-88 head of handsurgery department Kantonsspital Liestal, 88-present private hand clinic in Biel, consultant in regional hospital center. 2005 basic training in occupational medicine, diving medicine advisor for several professional diving companies. Since 1991 Director of DAN Europe Suisse medical team, various research and educational projects.




EDTC'2016 Meeting will be held in Estonia

EDTC'2015 Meeting was held in Gdynia

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